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Twitter Expands Display Name To 50 Characters


									Prior to the recent update on 280-character tweet limit, Twitter now lets users expand their display names to up to 50 characters long, up from 20 including emojis.

It comes as a relief to many users who have bigger names or want to add a certain flourishes to their names.

On November 7, Twitter finally rolled out a 280 character limit for all users. The social networking website was both appreciated and mocked for these new updates.

Announcing the change late Thursday, the platform said,

"Starting today, your display name can be up to 50 characters in length! Go ahead, add that middle name or even a few more emojis."

While you are also free to change your username -- the handle beginning with "@" that other people use to mention you -- the limit there remains at 15 characters.

The tweak follows one of the biggest changes in the company's history on Tuesday, which saw the character limit of tweets double from 140 characters to 280.

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